SOL Predictor

How to Play

SOL Predictor allows you to put your short term trading skills to the test. Use all the resources available to you, technical analysis, or just vibes to choose whether SOL/USD pair will increase in price or decrease in price over 5 minute intervals.
SOL Predictor is an experimental new project that may evolve in the future in order to better server our users. We may add, remove, or change gameplay features and/or rules. We will always notify our community when making any changes.

Making a prediction

New rounds are created every 5 minutes. When clicking a round, you choose either up or down to predict which direction the price will go. Connect any eligible SOL wallet to fund the prediction.
After the 5 minutes are up, a new 5 minute timer starts. At the end of this 5 minute timer, you will be rewarded if you made the correct prediction. As an example, if you make a prediction at a round that opens to accepting bids at 12:00, the prediction window will close at 12:05, and the reward decision will end at 12:10.

Payout Multiples

As this platform is a P2P platform based entirely in a smart contract, your rewards are based on who is playing the game. Minus fees, the winning side splits the full pool of entry. We take a 4% fee, 75% of which is distributed to our NFT holders. This means that for the first bids, you will only see a payout of 1x, as you'd be the only bid in the pool. As more bids are entered the payout ratios change, as the smaller pool will have a higher payout then that larger pool. The equation for winnings as follows:
Payout=(TotalPoolValue/IndividualPoolValue)FeesPayout = (Total Pool Value / Individual Pool Value ) * Fees
As an example, if 4 SOL is in the UP pool, and 2 SOL is in the DOWN pool, the payout reward for UP pools would be (4 + 2)/4 = 1.5x (minus fees) and the pool for the DOWN pool would be (4+2)/2 = 3x (minus fees). You will see these values update live on the site.
In the case of a tie (when the price remains the same after 5 minutes), everyone receives a 1x payout on their entry.
Note: We take fees when winners withdraw their earnings and not up front . If you are the only person to enter a pool, and win, you will full entry back. This way, there is little to risk of entering and losing to platform fees if you are the only person in that round. The only fee we can not return is the SOL transaction fee, which is normally negligible.

Determining Price

Our platform uses Chainlink as the oracle to determine a fair price for Solana after the window closes. The price that's displayed live and from the trading view comes from Binance, so there may occassionally a slight discrepancy between the two prices.

Withdrawing Winnings

You can withdraw your winnings at any time. Immediately after a round, there will be a button that says Withdraw Winnings, which will allow you to withdraw directly from the Round block. If you miss that time window, you can easily withdraw in the future. Click the archive button to access a paginated list of all our your